We are always happy to hear from former students and their families. We thought we’d share these comments with you. These students completed our program and are doing well!  They are why we are here, everyday.


Thu 1/5, 12:54 PM

Hey Judy,

Chantal Janssen here. I wanted to let you know I finished nursing school in top of my graduating class! I took boards and passed the first time! Before I took boards I already had two jobs as a nurse! I work at the Humboldt County Memorial Hospital on the Inpatient care floor and I also work at Humboldt Care Center South as a charge nurse. Your program has helped me be so successful in my dream career and have confidence in myself! Thanks to you and Michelle I can excel in my passions and goals! 


If you ever need someone to share a success story from your company let me know! I would be more than happy to do so! 


Thank you for everything,


Chantal Janssen RN


From the Melcherts