After talking with a client about their child and how they were treated in their kindergarten classroom. We want everyone to beware of the mistreatment that happened.

Picture this:
A cute little 6 year old who starts school and only wants to please his teacher. Keep in mind this child is not a behavior problem. Half way through the 1st quarter the parents are worried about his academic abilities. They have him tested at Educational Resource Associates. The school is aware that he is being tested. After the testing, the child is having tutoring done. The parents think that everything is going well at school also. The dad takes a visit one day. To his surprise, his child is placed at a table all by himself. The dad asks why? The teacher says that because he can’t read like everyone else and this way I can give him more one on one attention. The parents asked to have him moved. A month later, the mom is at school for a classroom party. The child is still at a table by himself. The mom asks, “Why do you sit here?” The child replies, “I have to sit here until I keep all of my items really organized.” The mom looked in his desk and it was super neat. The parents met with the teacher and told her that he needs to be with everyone else. After the meeting, the child is back sitting with everyone.

The following are things that have scarred the child and will take time to heal.

1. Self-esteem
2. Confidence