November 28, 2016 Podcast with Jan Mickelson and Judy Hintz

Let’s start next year on a positive note!  I think the Iowa legislature is finally getting ready to take on Iowa schools.  I feel ready to assist as I was a teacher WHEN Iowa SCHOOLS WERE AT THE TOP.  The changes are not that hard but the blow back from the  current established practices may be difficult  Here are some of the things that could improve education:  Get rid of area agencies that have played a part in destroying our children.  Testing-placement into special ed…Return to local control.   Over administration….there needs to be managers ….but not the overloaded bureaucracy we have now.  Improvement of curriculum especially basic skills in grades k-3.  More money for teachers salaries for those that produce.  Talk to your legislators and be prepared to join me!  e-mail me if you would like to join the movement…make Iowa schools great again.  Judy Hintz