A complete evaluation may include:

  • Academic achievement in reading, spelling, listening, writing, math and study skills.
  • Screening for dyslexia, autism, self image and motivation.
  • Evaluation of learning styles, visual and auditory perceptual development.
  • An interpretation of findings.
  • A written report to parents, teachers or other professionals working with the child.
  • A developmental inventory for early education clients (ages 3 to 5 years old).


Our Director, Judy Hintz is a consultant licensed by the State of Iowa. She can and will:

  • Attend conferences.
  • Set up behavioral management plans.
  • Conduct workshops for public and private schools as well as parent groups.
  • Speak to groups about raising awareness and interpreting current trends in education.
  • Assist homeschool groups in providing private instruction.
  • Train teachers to use effective teaching practices.
  • Assist education program improvement for public schools, private schools and homeschools.
  • Attend staffings and IEP meetings. Parents are usually lost about the realities of special education testing and reporting methods. Parents have a right to input into this important plan. They just don’t know what to input. Parents are also aware that they have rights, but again, they’re not sure what they are and how to ask for them. Our Director, Judy Hintz has dealt with IEPs for over 35 years. She knows your child’s rights and will advocate for them.

Reviews From Our Happy Clients

“Thank you for helping Jacob. It feels so good seeing his confidence in reading. We are excited to see what he can do in school next year!”
Jan, Angie and Jacob

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