Leilah gets great feedback at school!

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When dyslexia is not dyslexia

It seems that everyone is getting on the bandwagon of diagnosing children and adults with the label of DYSLEXIA!   Many of the newly diagnosed will call my office for a second opinion.   While it is true that dyslexia is a real occurrence, other reasons for academic failure may  be responsible. For example, students who have [...]

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A sweet note from our student!

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Recent feedback from our clients

We are always happy to hear from former students and their families. We thought we'd share these comments with you. These students completed our program and are doing well!  They are why we are here, everyday. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thu 1/5, 12:54 PM Hey Judy, Chantal Janssen here. I wanted to let you know I finished nursing school in [...]

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Join the movement to change education in Iowa!

November 28, 2016 Podcast with Jan Mickelson and Judy Hintz Let's start next year on a positive note!  I think the Iowa legislature is finally getting ready to take on Iowa schools.  I feel ready to assist as I was a teacher WHEN Iowa SCHOOLS WERE AT THE TOP.  The changes are not that hard [...]

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Parents Beware!

After talking with a client about their child and how they were treated in their kindergarten classroom. We want everyone to beware of the mistreatment that happened. Picture this: A cute little 6 year old who starts school and only wants to please his teacher. Keep in mind this child is not a behavior problem. [...]

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No child has ever been left behind

Join the other families, from all over the United States, who have used our exceptional educational services. Experience a diagnositc procedure so unique that it will validate your knowledge. Watch the quick turnaround of your child's skills and confidence. Grow with understanding of what excellent programming and instruction bring: 3 months to 3 years reading [...]

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Rose or Thistle?

State Senator Paul McKinley should be given a ROSE not a thistle. I have served as a professional in special education for over 30 years-both in the public and private arenas. As the reading curriculum has become weaker and weaker, special education services have increased significantly. Reading problems do effect the behavior of children and [...]

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