Judy Hintz holds a Master’s of Science Degree from Drake University. Her areas of specialization are autism, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and dyslexia.
She is a qualified educational diagnostician and is licensed by the State of Iowa as an educational consultant.

Judy founded our learning clinic, which has been open for over 35 years. We serve students age 3 through adult, who come from all over the United States.

Judy is a frequent speaker and guest on talk radio and has served as a child advocate in many schools. Her educational strategies reflect her philosophy that all students and adults can be successful learners.

All programs are individualized and tailored to each student’s needs. Skills based testing determine their needs.

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All of our staff members at Educational Resource Associates are chosen for their warmth and understanding. Each teacher is dedicated to helping each child and adult achieve their full learning potential.

A Note from our Director

I began my teaching career as a kindergarten and fourth grade teacher in Ankeny Community Schools. My students were eager to learn, the curriculum was excellent and few students failed the system of instruction. Basic skills such as phonics, math facts, spelling and rote, recall and drills were the foundation for achieving academic success.

In the late 1970’s, I left Ankeny schools and began teaching special education. I spent four years honing my skills. However, I found the recommended reading and math programs did not work. When I asked for effective programs, no one seemed to know what to do. Over those four years, my students showed very little growth and amazingly, our school professionals were OK with that. There was no expectation for these special students. My frustration with this system and the complacency I encountered, led me to open Educational Resource Associates.

I have always been tremendously interested in the brain function of children who achieve, and children who have difficulty. But of more importance is how to compensate for these difficulties. I have found each child has their own brain path to success.

Difficulties with attention, late talking preschoolers, poor auditory/visual functioning and poor curriculum all play a part. These students are often placed in remedial programs, special education, and even behavior disordered classrooms. Older students are often labeled as lazy and unmotivated, with poor reading and math skills. Unfortunately, little is done to help them, and even more concerning, the academics are “dumbed” down so these students give up, get into trouble, show signs of depression and drop out.

My experience and education level allow me to diagnose all educational difficulties. I am capable of testing for autism and dyslexia, motivational problems and learning disabilities. I have developed a wide array of educational programs that build skills, and increase auditory and visual perception, which in turn instills self confidence. This allows students to move forward successfully in their lives. I break down skills and avoid stigmatizing and self fulfilling labels. Those labels can crush an individual and are meaningless.

At Educational Resource Associates learning builds confidence. Confidence builds self esteem and enables students to meet the challenges that they will face in their lives. We firmly believe that there is no child that we can’t reach, and in due time, solve their educational challenges.


Reviews From Our Happy Clients

“Thank you for helping Jacob. It feels so good seeing his confidence in reading. We are excited to see what he can do in school next year!”
Jan, Angie and Jacob
I wanted to let you know that our daughter had a 4 year checkup/physical with Dr. A. yesterday, per your suggestion.

Dr. A did not see any indication of a spectrum disorder in our daughter and was very surprised to learn of that diagnosis.

Per Dr A. requests, I have signed medical releases for Educational Resources and Dr. Y so we will find out Dr. Y’s actual file contents. Once they are reviewed, Dr. A agreed they should be destroyed.

I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking a personal interest in our daughter. She is improving by leaps and bounds each day. We both love your program and each employee that we have met. What amazing people you are. (just to warn you, we may never leave.)

Warmest regards.

Judy, when we spoke I forgot to provide you with an update after she finished her thirteen weeks, to bring her reading level up from the 2nd grade (she is a high school freshman now), I offered to enroll her in DMACC Spanish I class – but she needed to take the COMPAS exams that cover reading, writing and math. I told her not to expect to do too well on the writing and math because she was only a high school freshman. Her reading score was 80/100! Not bad for a high school freshman who was reading at the 2nd grade level last fall. Educational Resources did a great job with her. Thank you.!
To Judy Hintz and the Educational Resources team
We are SO thankful we found Educational Resources. Our son was about a grade and a half behind in school and only showed minimal progress in closing the gap, in spite of countless hours of meetings with teachers, administrators as well as AEA resources.

In December we had some testing done at Educational Resources and he started seeing Judy and team three hours a week as their testing indicated reading comprehension issues, which we always knew existed but the school system was a bit slow to acknowledge. We thought if we could close the gap on these issues, additional issues we have seen with math and other areas might follow as well.

For some context, we had seen similar results semester after semester in Map and other school testing. The gap was not closing much. To their credit, the school system has been great in working with us and trying to find interventions with the best intentions in mind and an eye on progress. We just needed something more, and felt the schools hands are tied in some respects about what they could provide us.

We began working intensely with Educational Resources at the beginning of the school year and just finished up at the end of the school year or son retook the same tests at Educational Resources and his score increased substantially …four fold in some areas. In addition, on the school system’s end of year MAP test, he moved from 4th percentile to 44th percentile, in that short time period in reading. He also moved from 4th percentile to 24th percentile in math, we feel in part due to the tremendous progress he has made with comprehension. The needle was only moving slightly before Educational Resources, but he took a huge leap and we couldn’t be more thrilled for him as you can see his excitement over learning and confidence in what he is doing and picking up.

In the end, our family has worked very hard in a collaborative way with the school system as well as Educational Resources with our son’s best interest in mind, but we have no doubt a significant factor in his recent success and improvement was Judy Hintz and her great team at Educational Resources.

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